• UNITAID and CHAI is seeking to address
    the market barriers for critical commodities
  • CHAI and UNITAID visit to learn TRIP implementation procedures
    for advance HIV Disease
  • EDCTP visit to NIMR-Muhimbili
  • National and International stakeholders during
    TRIP harmonisation meeting
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About Trip Study

Researchers led by Dr Sayoki Godfrey Mfinanga (National Institute for Medical Research, Tanzania) aims to determine the feasibility of scaling up the TRIP intervention in routine health care and to inform and refine guidelines on HIV services for patients with advanced HIV.

It will also determine the cost effectiveness of the TRIP intervention in reducing death in patients with advanced HIV in real health care settings when implemented on a large scale.

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Intervention Package

Cryptococcal Infection screening

We screen Cryptococcal infection to all advance HIV patient(CD4 < 200 or HIV clinical stage 3 or 4) starting care and treatment in selected facilities

Pre-emptive Fluconazole

We rule out cryptococcal meningitis by doing Lumber puncture or clinically to all patient screened serum CrAg positive and give pre-emptive fluconazole


Enrolled patients follow-up is done through innovative mobile health service after being registered to the system by study doctor


This project is funded by European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership ( EDCTP )