Protocol Amendment, June 2017

Due to low recruitment rate, TRIP study Protocol amendment was done on 17/08/2017 to include the following changes 1) Addition of 6 more facilities (4 urban facilities and 2 rural facilities) 2) Inclusion of patients aged 10 years and above. 3) Screening patients with WHO HIV clinical stage 3 and 4 for sites that do not have functional CD4 count machine

Randomization of additional sites was done: Intervention sites (Tambukareli dispensary, Bunju health centre, Mlandizi health centre) and Deferred sites (Mbezi health centre, Vingunguti health centre, Mkuranga health centre)

TRIP study protocol re-training was conducted on 25th November 2017 facilitated by Prof. G. S Mfinanga (PI), Dr Sokoine Kivuyo (Coordinator) and Dr Frank Eric (Assistant Coordinator). From 6th December 2017 to 8th December 2017, the study was initiated in all intervention additional sites (2 urban setting sites (Tambukareli dispensary and Bunju dispensary) and 1 rural setting site (Mlandizi health centre). Data has also been collected from additional deferred sites.